Radomir Vasiljević and his Balkan Orchestra

This Serbian musician has been the artistic leader of the Balkan Orchestra since it was founded in September 2017. A conservatory-trained classical guitarist, Radomir also grew up listening to Balkan music. The repertoire he has developed for the orchestra comprises numerous hit versions of the most appealing Balkan melodies.

What are the typical features of Balkan music?

Music from the Balkans has its own particular identity. This can be largely attributed to its peculiar rhythms. The 7/8 time characteristic of the Balkans is totally different to western time signatures, for instance. Balkan music expresses a distinct warmth and feeling, while it has been influenced by other genres including Russian, Gypsy and Klezmer music.

Balkan Orchestra

Performance can be arranged in the form of (theatre) concerts and festival gigs, but also musical intermezzos at business functions. Furthermore, we can provide dance music for festive events.

The Balkan Orchestra comprises the following members:

Radomir Vasiljević

Artistic leader, guitar and vocals

Radomir Vasiljević je studirao na Akademiji Muzičke Umetnosti u Beogradu gde je završio osnovne i master studije. Pored klasične, aktivan je i na polju autorske muzike (album Six strings and a piece of wood) kao i na polju muzike karakteristične za zemlje Balkana. Više o tome na www.radomirvasiljevic.com

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